Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pillowcase Dress

When I printed my Doiliez pattern via Spoonflower for the first time, I feel like the scale is too large and too symmetrical. It doesn't have the playful effect that I was aiming for. Therefore, on the 2nd run, I decided to do a mirrored repeat. You can see the result here.

So I have a yard of this test fabric. I was starring at it for a while and thinking, hmmm, I can turn this into a table runner or place mats or tote bag or pillow cover or ...

I finally decided on a Pillowcase Dress! The style is very simple, yet very adorable. It's cheerful and it can grow with your girl. It can start as a dress and as she grows, it turns into a tunic! The pattern and colors are perfect for the summer. After looking at the finished product, I don't mind the big pattern at all. It really grows in me.

This very special dress will be for sale for limited time at my Etsy shop.

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