Friday, November 9, 2012

Mila's Turkey Pumpkin

If you still have uncarved pumpkins from Halloween, this turkey pumpkin is a fun and easy project for kids of all ages to make. You can also use it as a decoration for your Thanksgiving's table! Even though Mila is only 2, she picked out all the color swatches herself. I helped her cutting them and she glued both sides together and put the skewers in. She's so happy and proud when we are done.
- Pumpkins
- Paint samples/swatches
- Skewers
- Glue
- Paint

1. Instead of purchasing card stock, why not use some paint samples from your local hardware stores. We went to Home Depot and used Martha Stewart's paint swatches since they are a good size and the colors are great for the Fall! You need a total of 12 swatches for each pumpkins. 10 for the feathers and 2 for the head. Mila decided to do a rainbow one, so she picked out 12 different colors.
2. Draw a feather shape on the back of the sample and cut it out. Trace your cut to make the other 9. To save time, cut them back to back. Then draw a simple bowling pin shape for the head. Add simple two circles for the eyes and a triangle for the nose. Cut them back to back as well. Glue the two sides together. Make sure to leave an opening at the bottom for the skewers. I put them under a heavy book until the glue dries.
3. While waiting for the glue to dry, we decided to paint the pumpkins to make the feather's colors pop. Mila painted hers white, and I painted mine gold. I used a left over Martha Stewart's Tiger Eye paint from the Birch wall project.
4. Trim your skewers shorter and insert them in between the opening of the feathers and head.
5. Insert all pieces into your pumpkin and meet your turkey!

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