Monday, April 26, 2010

Stacy's Before and After Chair

When I designed the Foliage pattern, I never thought it would be used for a large upholstery project such as chair or sofa due to the boldness of the prints. I was thinking more for smaller upholstery and craft projects such as chair or bench cushions, pillows, curtains, bags or purse. Boy, I was wrong!

Stacy just sent me this before and after picture of a chair she did with my Foliage fabric in Split Pea. I was astonished! I can't believe how modern, fun and whimsical the chair looks. I'm so happy that she shared it with me and I'm able to show it to all of you. She has a remarkable vision! Thanks Stacy for sharing! This chair definitely makes a statement and I hope it will be a conversational piece!

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Marisa Peacock said...

How fun! What a great idea and it just perked that chair right up! Congrats!